Moonstone+Smokey Quartz+ Rhodonaite (hormonal health+fertility+stress relief)


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*Moonstone + Smokey Quartz + Rhodonite*

MOONSTONE is known best for balancing female hormones and promoting female hormone health.

*hormone balance *fertility *healthy breastfeeding *emotional support (PMS) *reduces menstrual cycle issues *reduces fluid retention *menopause (alleviate symptoms) *Digestive health (absorbing food nutrients and eliminates toxins *balances emotional highs and lows


*strong detoxifier *gently heals emotional trauma  *increases fertility *has a positive affect on sexual organs *relives tension,  stress, anxiety and panic attacks *enhances survival instincts

RHODONITE is known as The Stone Of Romance.

*nurtures love *stimulates, activates and clears the heart *balances emotions

SANDALWOOD beads to diffuse you FAV essential oils!

(Try using Young Livings “Joy” oil blend or Ylang Ylang)


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