Amazonite+Howlite (SOOO many benefits!)


Amazonite + Howlite + Raw Wooden Beads

AMAZONITE is known to be a wonderful Stone for emotional support. Its said to release negative energies, such as grief and fear and ease anxiety. It relaxes the brain and nervous system, so people with nervous disorders or fiery tempers can highly benefit from wearing Amazonite. Its know to bring confidence and courage. To bring great emotion support during and after times of trauma.
Amazonite is also said to aid in digestion and a healthy metabolism. To ease cramping during menstrual cycles and promotes smooth pregnancies.
It can be helpful for tooth decay, calcium deficiency and deposits, as well as relieve muscle spasms.

HOWLITE is know to  *bring a sense of peace and tranquility *relieve anger *relieve stress *healthy teeth and bones *calcium Balancing *Memory support *Hormone regulation *sleep support

(Try diffusing “VALOR” with this baby for a boost of courage)

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