Make It Stop!

Posted on October 20,2018

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At night I can’t help but go there…

Your hands around my neck,

I get so scared.

The darkness creeps in.

I can’t fall asleep, so I know I’m not dreamin.

It feels so real, I just can’t shake it.

All those memories racing through my mind, I just can’t take it!

I don’t wanna play that blame game, but ever since you, I just don’t see myself the same.

I hate what I’ve seen… I hate what’s been done… Let’s face it ,it’s your fault, you’re the one!

The one that tore me to pieces, the one I fought to protect in the darkest seasons.

It makes me sick, just to think about it. All your lies every word, I can’t forget about it.

You were a master of disguise, now I don’t trust my heart and can’t trust my own eyes.

No matter how far I run, I can’t escape this shame… It fills me up, I know that sounds so lame…

But just imagine everyday, knowing you were there, “you should’ve known”, “you should’ve stopped it”, “maybe you didn’t care”….

The thought of not being enough, man, that really eats me up. But I try to remind myself, I couldn’t beat a mind like yours, it’s so corrupt!

It’s crazy, time just keeps passing by… You’re not here, so why am I still believing your lies?

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