It Was Not My Fault

Posted on October 2, 2018

I remember how it felt when he would discipline me… Looking back, I was treated like an animal by then end. Wether he was angry for a simple reason, like buying groceries, or something a little more serious, like bleeding on our bed….

No matter the severity of the issue, I was always a human being…. It was necessary to feed my children and myself…. And it was ok if what he did to my body made it bleed…. Those things are not “my fault”…. They NEVER were… NEVER will be… A long with a million other things… He so easily threw the burden on me, that EVERYTHING was “my fault”.

The truth is, life happens… And only hurtful and hard hearted people have to find someone to blame for all their problems.

So, to the woman out there tonight, that is carrying ALL those burdens that don’t belong to you…. Those troubles, that are not “your fault” ….. I pray you find it within yourself to give them to Jesus…. Find rest in Him… His load is light and his burden is easy…. He loves you and He sees you.

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