Papa Harv

Today we celebrated the life of my step grandpa, Papa Harv. He was 90 years old, so I think it’s fare to say, he’s probably experienced a full life here on earth. He lived a journey that led him through loving and losing 3 wives, having children, watching them grow, continuing on with grand children and great-grand-children. He was loved and he will be missed.

While listening to the pastor today, I heard the words that were used, to sum him up as a man…

He was a hard worker.

He was strong at heart, took life day by day… and made the best out of it.

He loved worship and music

He loved his family… and ALL THE CHILDREN!


He was a Faithful man…

Most importantly, he LOVED JESUS, with his whole heart…At the end of his life, it couldn’t be denied, his love for Jesus Christ… There was evidence all around, in everything around him… In the conversations he shared… He always brought life back to what matters… JESUS!

What a great man for my children to see be celebrated… A man who was truly a servant of God. A man that spent the time to seek HIM and find HIM…

While sitting there I felt It, deep inside…. “Maybe people know you love Jesus, but you know, you can do better… you can give more… you can truly share how Great God really is WAY MORE… You can Make difference… and when your final days come, the world can know, it’s undeniable… SHE LOVED JESUS!!!”

It’s true, I can do better… It can be more evident… and now is the time…

I started Dreads And Jesus back in 2014… and have I really ever straight up shared God and how wonderful He is? or the amazing things He’s done in my life and my children’s lives??? No! and I’m just gonna say it… that’s not cool!!!

God is GOOD!!!

life maybe isn’t always…


He rescued me and my children from the grips of an extremely evil and abusive man, a man that is actually in jail as I write…

I decided while I sat in my papa’s funeral, holding my youngest child on my lap, I looked at her and then down the church pew at my older two…. and I thought…. When it’s my time to meet My Jesus, I want them to know, 100%….. I lived to share His LOVE and GOODNESS… To Tell stories of His faithfulness… That HE NEVER FAILS! HIS WAYS ARE THE BEST WAYS! And Even when it hurts, seeking Him… praising Him… and PRAYING is what changes EVERYTHING!!!

So, get ready…. cuz I can’t say I know what this is gonna look like, but I’m gonna be obedient to that feeling… and not just do better… I’m gonna do my BEST! with the help of My Jesus… If life has shown me anything, it’s with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

I’m so thankful for today… While they’re were tears… and hurt in our hearts… I know Papa Harv is with Jesus! Heaven is celebrating him, welcoming him HOME!

But we must still FIGHT… the GOOD FIGHT….

here we go…

“Philippians 1:20 “To live is Christ, To die is gain.”

Peace, love, Jesus!

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