She’s growing so fast, she’s so beautiful. She’s not the same little girl anymore, you might not even recognize her. She won’t be pushed down, she won’t be held back!

It’s everything really… The simple things, like the way she does her hair or the clothes she chooses to wear… The way she dances through the house, without a care in the world. She’s like music herself, bringing hope and joy to a room…

She’s flying now, she’s found her wings, each day a little higher, she’s pushing her limits, finding what she’s capable of… ANYTHING…what she was made for EVERYTHING! I won’t stop her.. It’s breathtaking… A little freedom is all she needed… And a little time, to get your voice out of her mind…

These days, I often loose myself just looking at her, watching how she’s walked through this fire, she must have been catching a bit along the way…because It’s like she became a flame of her own now…her own force… Strong and fearless…young, but so brave… she’s seen the ugly in this world, yet her heart remains so pure…

I can’t imagine the places she’ll go or the things she’ll do… The people she’ll touch, the lives she’ll change…

No, she’s not that broken girl, tossed to the side…waiting to be loved, waiting to be accepted… She’s not waiting anymore, not for anyone, or anything… She’s magnificent! A blossoming work of art… Her presence…her very being… simply inspiring!

Her heart, gentle and kind, nothing like yours… Or even like mine… Her spirit is colorful and bright, her voice, like an angel… she gives life to everything in sight… She’s a whirlwind of love and laughter… she’s my everything… She’s my real happily ever after 💋

So thank you! Thank you for coming… But thank you most for leaving… ✌️💜


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