Well… It’s pretty much like it sounds… I’m sitting alone, in my home, just hours before turning 30… Essshk! A new decade! It’s another new beginning, which is something I’m loving lately… The newness in seasons that are ever changing… Whether we’re ready or not… I’m clinging to the excitement of the unknown… Knowing no matter what my tomorrow may bring… God’s got my back, I’m strong enough, and more than able to take this life head on… Come what may💜

So here’s to the past 30 years, building me into the woman I am now… In this season… Here’s to lessons learned… To crazy childhood memories… and laughing till you almost pee😂 To the friendships that can never be broken…👯 And to the few that needed to be let go… To the teen years… to sleepless nights and frozen pizzas.🍕 To a heart, that seemed to be breaking at times… To a mother, who loves and supports, instead of saying “I told you so”….and to a father, who loves unconditionally and always wants what’s best…To the generations that came before… showing what really matters in this life…To love itself, and learning it’s TRUE meaning… To marriage, and accepting I tried, even when I should’ve quit long ago… Here’s to dreams that come true, and to the nightmares as well… Here’s to 3 precious children, I get to watch grow…and to another 4, I have yet to meet… Here’s to sisters, who i get to laugh with daily and love deeply…. who choose to withstand whatever storms come, hand in hand…. To women, true friends, and lovers of Jesus, that build one another, share needs…dreams…coffee… and tea☕🍵…. To learning what you’re made of…And to God’s great mercy and grace! that’s been there through it all…

I know I have plenty more to learn…. 3 children to raise, and lots more love to share! SO BRING ON THE NEXT 30✌️💜


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