20 year old Cherish

This girl…. 20 year old Cherish… she sometimes seems so far gone…. then a find pictures like these…and I remember, so clearly…see, I know what her thoughts were… I know the fight she put up.. and I know how she gave in… I know her dinners were filled with vodka and her secret place was filled with tears… I know she lived on watered down Gatorade for weeks on end.. when she finally broke and ate a meal, she would make herself sick…she would walk around that neighborhood by the ocean all afternoon till the sun started to go down…. I know she waited till early morning hours for her husband to come home… I know how she felt when she learned the unfaithfulness of others…I know that she thought her world of problems could all be fixed…. if she just tried more.. if she just ate less… I know the pain she hid and the secrets she kept… she walked around with a smile on her face…. being told she had “a beautiful family” “youre so lucky” “I want what you have”…. I know she believed good girls hold it in… strong girls dont ask for help… and most of all she believed she deserved it… each day accepting less and less …. she believed she was the problem…but all along…. the truth was there… He never left.

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